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PrintOn offers unparalleled quality backed up with five (5) International Certifications as the quality of our products is checked on every print, and places us as the first manufacturer of compatible printing supplies in Venezuela.

Certification for the regulation of chemicals, through which guarantees that are free of substances harmful to the environment for the benefit of people, also guarantees that companies have evaluated the risks arising from the use of those substances and adopted necessary to manage any risks identified.

Certificate established to control the significant restriction of the use of six hazardous substances such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +), polibromatate (PPB) and diphenyl polibromatate (PBDE), with in order to reduce the environmental and health impact, and also help reduce exposure to hazardous substances in factories.

Developed for standardization that specifies all elements of management quality which a company must have to achieve an effective system that allows it to manage and improve the quality of their products and to ensure the customers that the company they choose has a good quality management system.

Certification that improves the way a company reduces its impact on the environment through the implementation of an environmental management plan; noting that it has developed a plan of protection and is complying with the national laws relating to the environment.

Certification by managers who globally standardize testing and methods for printer consumables industry by evaluating cartridges and performance, to ensure standardization of results wherever they perform their manufacture.